Health News Archive - November 06, 2005

By ANNE RODGERS Palm Beach Post Staff Writer Shari Brenner, 52, Palm Beach Gardens 5' 7" (she would not divulge weight) Her fitness secret? Practices yoga, takes vitamins, stays active. This third-grade teacher takes vitamins daily, practices yoga and Pilates weekly and does water aerobics.

Hundreds of health experts gather on Monday to try to hammer out a global plan to battle bird flu and stop the virus triggering a human pandemic that could kill millions.


In the blaze of speeches, meetings and regulations about bird flu that China's leaders have fired off in recent days, SARS has never been mentioned. But memories of that epidemic two years ago are shadowing China's increasingly urgent response to the latest health threat, say Chinese experts and journalists.

By Dr. Allen Douma Q: Recently a member of my family was diagnosed with levator ani syndrome. The colorectal specialist who saw him said there is no cure for this painful and embarrassing ailment! Perhaps you have bumped into a cure for levator syndrome. -- B. A: I haven't bumped into a cure.

By Dr. Allen Douma Q: I have been struggling with vaginitis for years. My doctor says it is caused by bacteria and needs to be treated with antibiotics. But it comes back within a few months, and sometimes the antibiotic treatment doesn't work. What can I do? -- Buffalo, N.Y.

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  • The parings of haberdine; also, any kind of fragments.
The word 'gubbings' is a variant of the word 'gobbon', meaning 'a portion, gobbet.'