Health News Archive - December 28, 2005


In 1970, the average American woman was 21.4 years old when she gave birth to her first child. By 2000, that figure had climbed to 25, according to federal statistics.

Rat study offers new mechanism by which SSRIs like Paxil, Zoloft, may work

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Education about the possible health risks of douching can convince teenage girls and young women to give up the practice, a new study shows.

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - People who eat a lot of processed meats may have a higher risk of developing pre-cancerous growths -- polyps -- in the colon, while the opposite may be true for fans of chicken, a new study suggests.

People who are obese around the middle and are physically inactive have poor odds of survival after a diagnosis of colorectal cancer, according to a new report.

Diets high in fat can disrupt blood sugar levels and trigger diabetes, researchers said in a study on Wednesday that helps explain the link between obesity and a disease typically linked to sugar.

By Kevin Graman, The Spokesman-Review, Spokane, Wash., The Spokesman-Review, Spokane, Wash. Dec.

Smoking appears to play a role in the risk of developing psoriasis and in the severity of the skin disease, according to the findings from two studies appearing the Archives of Dermatology.

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Cyclical vomiting syndrome is well recognized in children, but now new research indicates that it can affect adults as well. With cyclical vomiting syndrome, patients experience nausea and vomiting lasting several hours or even days.

Moderate alcohol intake appears to be associated with a decreased risk of kidney cancer in middle-aged and older women, according to a study conducted in Sweden.

Word of the Day
  • The horn of a unicorn considered as a medical or pharmacological ingredient.
  • A winged horse with a single horn on its head; a winged unicorn.
The word 'alicorn' comes from Italian alicorno, already associated with unicorns and reinterpreted, popularized by Bearing an Hourglass (1984) and other fantasy novels by Piers Anthony.