Health News Archive - April 30, 2005


There may be hope yet for the growing number of obese American youngsters and for the adults they will become. New studies are reporting some success with dietary and exercise interventions, both in reducing body mass index (BMI) and in ameliorating risk factors associated with heart disease.


Studies show that breast-feeding provides the best balance of nutrition for babies and provides all sorts of protective health benefits. It also helps the mother lose weight after her baby is born.


Microwaves are not just for day-old coffee anymore. Researchers now have strong evidence to suggest that turning up the heat on a cancerous tumor just before radiation therapy appears to destroy the tumor much more often than radiation alone does.

Word of the Day
  • Any of various tropical Old World birds of the family Indicatoridae, some species of which lead people or animals to the nests of wild honeybees. The birds eat the wax and larvae that remain after the nest has been destroyed for its honey.
Honeyguide birds have even been known to eat candles.