Health News Archive - April 09, 2005

Abstract Mass lesions of the head and neck in infants and children can be either developmental, inflammatory or neoplastic. Lymphomas (Hodgkin's or Non-Hodgkin's) commonly present as neck lumps in children.

Solar damage There are many non-malignant changes in the skin that are caused by ultraviolet light, for example mottling, wrinkling, coarseness, telangiectasia and atrophy of the skin in later life.

Mannford's Activity Center has proven popular, but city leaders and board members would still like to see it used by more people. Two months after the activity center opened its doors in March 2004, its roster showed more than 300 members and has about the same number now.

Word of the Day
  • The unit of magnetic flux density in the International System of Units, equal to the magnitude of the magnetic field vector necessary to produce a force of one newton on a charge of one coulomb moving perpendicular to the direction of the magnetic field vector with a velocity of one meter per second. It is equivalent to one weber per square meter.
This word is named for Nikola Tesla, the inventor, engineer, and futurist.