Health News Archive - June 15, 2005

Compulsive or obligatory exercising, also known as anorexia athletica, is a disorder in which a person is compelled to exercise beyond what is considered normal and healthy.

PALMDALE - Antelope Valley residents can exercise, cool off or just play this summer in six public swimming pools. Palmdale's pools at Courson Park and McAdam Park open today.


Fish oil -- either from a diet rich in fish or from supplements -- is generally considered heart-healthy. But a new study found that for some people, fish oil supplements may have no effect or may even be dangerous.


Heavy drinking doesn't damage just your liver; it can also do serious harm to your brain, a new study of mice suggests. While past studies have shown that alcohol can impair memory and learning ability, the new research finds that such damage can occur in a shorter period of time than was previously thought.


After one year of use, obese adolescents using the weight-loss drug Xenical saw a modest decline in their body-mass index without significant side effects.

Surgery to correct especially tough-to-treat epilepsy can have lasting benefits, according to a new study.

Heavy 'hazardous' drinking and drug use are associated with several serious health problems such as injuries, hypertension, pneumonia, depression, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, anxiety disorders and major psychoses, according to a new U.S. study.

HUSOFT extension study at St. Jude shows hydroxyurea is well tolerated in babies, works similarly as in older children, and may prevent sickle cell complications such as organ damage and stunted growth.

Just as placebos have been shown to bring relief from pain, researchers have now found that they can affect emotion, alleviating the impact of unpleasant experiences. In an article in the June 16, 2005, issue of Neuron, researchers led by Predrag Petrovic of the Karolinska Institutet show that, in relieving anxiety, placebo treatment affects the same basic modulatory circuitry in the brain as it does for relieving pain.

Researchers at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) School of Medicine working with scientists at Elan Pharmaceuticals, have reported promising results in mice of a vaccine approach to treating Parkinson's and similar diseases. These results appear in the June edition of the journal Neuron.

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