Health News Archive - June 06, 2005

High-risk breast cancer patients do not appear to have a higher risk of relapse than the general breast cancer population during the first two years after diagnosis, unless their cancer has spread to more than 10 axillary lymph nodes, Italian researchers reported today at the 2nd ESMO Scientific & Educational Conference (ESEC) in Budapest, Hungary.

Researchers successfully image delivery and gene expression of DNA nanoparticles into lungs of CF mice.

Robertson and colleagues state that folic acid fortification has not yet had the expected effect of reducing homocysteine levels, which are associated with carotid plaque area, a strong predictor of cardiovascular events.

Nonspecific back pain is one of the most frequent complaints in the primary care setting and the main cause of work absence and disability in our society.

In a major new report in Pediatrics, doctors who care for young adults are warned that computer games and caffeine may not be the only sources of teen sleep deprivation. Sleep apnea, depression and other medical disorders could be to blame, according to the report by Richard Millman, M.D., and other researchers at Brown University. The report has been endorsed by the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Researchers at the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston (UTMB) have discovered a quick new way that mosquitoes can pass West Nile virus to each other.


The great physical diversity that evolution has forged in human beings is in evidence wherever we look, but the genes exhibiting the greatest diversity at the DNA level happen to function in a wholly invisible process: immunity.


In an unusual but fruitful collaboration between Tibetan Buddhist monks and neuroscientists, researchers have uncovered clues to how mental states--and their underlying neural mechanisms--can impact conscious visual experience.

Although morphine is well known as a highly effective analgesic, its clinical utility is severely limited by the development of drug tolerance, the requirement for increasing doses to maintain analgesic effect, and the development of physical dependence.

Analysis weighs costs, efficacy, disease severity, and vaccine side effects.

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