Health News Archive - July 21, 2005

Jul. 19--Greenville Hospital System announced Monday it is renaming Allen Bennett Memorial Hospital to Greer Memorial Hospital to better reflect its commitment to the community it serves.

By Kerstin Gehmlich PARIS (Reuters) - For the last year, Fatima Louarn and her family have shared a tiny Paris hotel room because they could find nowhere else to live. Now she is pregnant and the owner wants to kick her out.

By Masayuki Kitano TOKYO (Reuters) - They won't be leaping tall buildings in a single bound, but Japan's growing number of elderly may someday have a new lease on life that allows them to care for themselves -- and maybe even pump a little iron.

By Lorraine Orlandi PETATLAN, Mexico (Reuters) - Reyna Mojica saw her two boys shot to death just weeks ago, an attack she traces to a vendetta she says began in 1998 when her family helped block hundreds of logging trucks in Mexico's Sierra Madre.


The federal government's annual report card on the well-being of America's children presents a generally healthy picture, with some notable exceptions.


Being a desk jockey weighs heavily on workers, according to a study that finds the more a man sits at his desk, the more likely he is to be overweight.

By Michael Byrnes COWRA, Australia (Reuters) - Fine rain falls on farmer Ian Donges as he surveys a green valley from one of his high paddocks. Rivulets of water run down the hillsides, forming puddles on land that just a month ago was dusty dry. "Look at this.

AXIA Health Management LLC, a national leader in preventive health solutions, today announced the acquisition of American WholeHealth Networks Inc. (AWH).

HONG KONG (Reuters) - Surgeons in Hong Kong who invented a less-invasive way of removing cancers from the base of the brain said on Thursday that patients had had no complications after the treatment and ran very little risk of relapse.


Overweight people who trim down substantially may improve both their health and their wealth, if new research is correct.

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