Health News Archive - July 23, 2005

In 1945, several dozen American conscientious objectors volunteered to starve themselves under medical supervision. The goal was to learn how health might be restored after World War II to the wasted populations of Europe.

Americans so idolize the thin and the beautiful that it's become something of a national embarrassment. What's even more embarrassing is how bad most Americans actually look. There are good reasons why they should fret more, rather than less, about appearances. Everyone knows looks shouldn't matter.


Fun exercise such as dance and martial arts, along with interesting preparations of healthy foods, help kids eat well and stay fit, according to a review of 22 studies.

Word of the Day
  • A style of popular dance music originating along the border between Texas and Mexico, characterized by the use of accordion, drums, and 12-string bass guitar and traditionally based on polka, waltz, and bolero rhythms.
The word 'conjunto' comes through Spanish, from Latin coniūnctus, past participle of coniungere, to join together; see conjoin