Health News Archive - May 20, 2006

By Moon, Richard B Abstract Hospice patients at the end stages of life often suffer nausea and vomiting, distressing symptoms that are either side effects of medications or direct effects of the underlying disease state. Such symptoms can greatly diminish the hospice patient's quality of life.

By Toni Clarke BOSTON (Reuters) - Cholesterol-reducing statin drugs such as Lipitor and Zocor could benefit patients with a certain type of heart disease even if they don't have high cholesterol, according to newly analyzed data from a previously reported trial. Researchers led by Dr.

BOSTON (Reuters) - A technique to treat irregular heart beats using a method known as ablation was substantially more effective than anti-arrhythmic drugs in a clinical trial.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Women who eat a vegan diet -- a strict vegetarian diet that excludes all animal products including milk -- are one-fifth as likely as other women to have twins, a U.S. researcher reported on Saturday.

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  • an ornament or knob in the shape of a flower
  • In architecture, a floral ornament; specifically, the large conventional flower usually placed in the center of the abacus of a Corinthian capital or classic ceiling-caisson; also, the floreated termination of a Gothic finial.
[ "The word 'fleuron' comes from French."]