Health News Archive - June 15, 2008

Total Fitness in Willerby has teamed up with the Hull Children's University to teach children from three primary schools how to be fit and healthy. Muscles and motivation are just two of the topics they will cover during the four sessions.

When it comes to matters of the heart, it seems women in particular are a little shy of the truth. A recent report revealed two thirds of women do not realise heart disease poses a greater risk to their wellbeing than any other health problem.

By Matt Chorley London Editor Small gp practices will disappear if the Government forces through plans that could to strip them of their pharmacies, campaigners warned last night.

East Yorks: Nurses from hospitals in East Yorkshire have taken part in a training programme aimed at reducing hospital-acquired infections such as MRSA and Clostridium Difficile.

Nintendo Wii has already made its mark medically when its healing properties were used to help stroke victims in the US and Germany regain movement in their arms and legs. Burns victims in south east England have also taken advantage of the consoles.

Homeopathy student Jacqui Schwartz will be providing advice about natural health solutions at Boots The Chemist at Exe Bridges, Exeter, next Thursday as part of Homeopathy Awareness Week. Ms Schwartz will explain how homeopathy can help with everyday health issues between 2pm and 5pm.

CHICAGO _ Even while facing his own grim cancer diagnosis, the top doctor at the American Medical Association urged his colleagues to "never take away someone's hope" in treating their patients during an emotional speech at the group's policy-making meeting in Chicago on Saturday. Dr.

By KATHERINE ELLIOTT Six aerobics enthusiasts 'of a certain age' have returned from a fun-filled fitness performance at the Royal Albert Hall. The event was the first held by the Exercise Movement and Dance Partnership in order to promote fitness and have fun.

I Don't really do exercise. So you can imagine I was a little, well, daunted at the prospect of an hour's gym session. I was lured to Spa 6 at Four Pillars Hotel, at the Cotswold Water Park, by the promise of a relaxing body massage - but first I had to earn my pampering.

Healthy eating for children has never been more important. Childhood obesity is on the increase, with reports suggesting that more than 27 per cent of British children are now obese.

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