Health News Archive - January 17, 2009


Federal officials confirmed salmonella contamination on Friday at a Georgia facility that ships peanut products to 85 food companies.

- Johnson & Johnson Will Commence Subsequent Offering Period NEW BRUNSWICK, N.J., Jan.

With a pre-emptive, prophylactic skin regimen, patients who receive panitumumab for treatment of metastatic colorectal cancer may be able to avoid some of the skin-associated toxicities, according to data presented at the 2009 American Society of Clinical Oncology Gastrointestinal Cancers Symposium in San Francisco.

African-American patients with colorectal were more likely to present with worse pathological features at diagnosis and to have a worse five-year survival rate compared to Caucasian patients, according to a study conducted by researchers at Thomas Jefferson University.

Two Brown University researchers have determined the three-dimensional structure of an enzyme whose presence in the body could help doctors detect cancer earlier or develop more targeted treatments.

Using chopsticks helps you eat less and lose weight, says Kimiko Barber, author of The Chopsticks Diet. The human brain takes 20 minutes to register what the stomach contains, so using chopsticks slows a person's consumption, leaving them feeling satisfied while eating less, Barber said. Chopsticks users also take smaller bites, which means food tends to be chewed more, making it easier to digest, she told The Daily Telegraph in a story published Saturday. In Britain alone, an estimated 10 million people -- 24 percent of the population -- are clinically obese, The Telegraph reported, noting a third of the country is expected to qualify as obese by 2012 if eating habits remain the same.

Sainsbury's, the third-largest supermarket chain in England, says it will stop selling eggs from hens kept in tight quarters called battery cages.

A medical team in Japan Saturday recorded the country's first successful combined heart-lung transplant operation, hospital officials said. The patient is a man in his 30s who received the donor organs of another man, also in his 30s, who had been certified as brain dead at a hospital in Kobe.

Word of the Day
  • The horn of a unicorn considered as a medical or pharmacological ingredient.
  • A winged horse with a single horn on its head; a winged unicorn.
The word 'alicorn' comes from Italian alicorno, already associated with unicorns and reinterpreted, popularized by Bearing an Hourglass (1984) and other fantasy novels by Piers Anthony.