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Health News Archive - November 04, 2011

Latex Gloves Lead To Lax Hand Hygiene In Hospitals

Healthcare workers who wear gloves while treating patients are much less likely to clean their hands before and after patient contact.

ZURICH, Switzerland, November 4, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Major milestone achieved in the commercial launch of new technology in the treatment of patients with refractory ascites

Skin And Eyes Use Similar Mechanism For Sun Protection

A group of scientists at Brown University in Rhode Island discovered that the skin and eyes use the same molecular mechanism to protect themselves from the UV light.

When it comes to weight, new research shows your genes do not determine your fate, they can be overcome. According to new research, the genetic predisposition to obesity due to a gene called FTO can be substantially reduced by living a physically active lifestyle.

A new study shows older blood cancer patients should be able to receive stem cell transplants no matter what age group they are in– 60 to 64, 65 to 69 or 70 to 75.

Like something out of an apocalyptic movie where people search to rebuild a food supply, the U.S may be searching to find essential chemotherapy drugs.

Loneliness doesn’t just affect you emotionally; it can affect your health by keeping you awake at night.

A new Do-It-Yourself screen for cervical cancer could help prevent the disease in thousands of women who, for a number of reasons, cannot have a smear test.