Health News Archive - November 08, 2011

The European Aero Medical Institute (EURAMI), of Reutlingen, Germany, has awarded American Jets Critical Care Air Ambulance of the United States, the highest level of globally accepted accreditation

Becoming A Father Can Lessen Bad Habits In Men

After men become fathers for the first time, they show significant decreases in crime, tobacco and alcohol use, according to a new, 19-year study.

Court Blocks New FDA Anti-Smoking Cigarette Labels

A U.S. federal court judge has blocked the government's attempts to force tobacco companies to begin posting graphic images, including those of dead or deathly ill smokers, on their packages.

Drospirenone-containing oral birth control pills are linked to a significantly higher risk of blood clots, both deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism, according to this study.

A new drug commonly used to treat bleeding events in people with severe hemophilia can also be used to prevent such events from happening at all, according to this study.

We all know that skin tans in the sun. The process has known links to ultraviolet (and specifically UVB) exposure, which leads to tanning only after it damages the DNA of skin cells.

Cooked Meat Found To Be An Essential Link In Human Evolution

Researchers have discovered that cooked meat produces more energy than raw meat, suggesting that humans are biologically programmed to take advantage of cooking, and that cooking played a role in the evolution of man.

Computer Algorithm Can Predict Outcomes Of Psychotic Illnesses

Computer algorithms that analyze magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) brain scans can help predict the duration and severity of a psychotic patient's illness, something that could help doctors make better treatment decisions.

Kids Consume Sugary Drinks Despite School Bans

Researchers have released a survey that has concluded that bans on sugar-sweetened drinks in middle schools had very little impact on overall consumption of sugary drinks by children.

Individuals addicted to prescription painkillers are more likely to succeed in treatment with the aid of the medication buprenorphine-naloxone (Suboxone).

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