Health News Archive - July 31, 2012

A training tool that helps physicians involve patients in decision-making can reduce the use of antibiotics for acute respiratory infections.

Coaches can help athletes score touchdowns and perfect their golf swing, but can they also influence weight loss?

Hey You! Look Up! Distracted Walking A Growing Concern

Talking on a phone and walking at the same time. Texting while not looking forward. Listening to music and playing a video game simultaneously. According to government officials and safety experts, distracted walking is a growing issue.

Child abuse experts say that psychological abuse in young children can be just as damaging to their physical, mental and emotional health as a slap, punch, or kick.

A new training tool that helps doctors involve patients in decision-making has been shown to help reduce the use of antibiotics for acute respiratory infections.

University of Cincinnati researchers have discovered a new genetic target for diuretic therapy in patients with fluid overload, such as those with congestive heart failure, liver cirrhosis or kidney failure.

NYC Mayor Wants New Moms To Breast Feed Rather Than Use The Bottle

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is making a push to get hospitals to stop offering baby formula to new mothers and persuade them to take the natural route: breast-feeding.

Grin And Bear It - Smiling Relieves Stress

Smiling and laughing is said to be contagious among people, but smiling could possibly even have a positive effect on the body.

A new UH experiment takes an unconventional look at the treatment for domestic violence, otherwise known as intimate partner violence (IPV), by focusing on changing the perpetrators' psychological abuse during arguments rather than addressing his sexist beliefs.

Anxiety In Children: Emotional Detectives May Help

A recently published study from the University of Miami looked at how participants can slowly move out of the state of depression with an innovative new therapy.

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