June 15, 2008

Tirana Deputies Hail Kosovo Constitution

Text of report by public Radio-Television Kosovo TV, on 14 June

[Presenter] Tirana officials see the Kosovo constitution entrance into force as a historic achievement and as a moment equally important as the declaration of independence.

[Reporter 's intro omitted].

[Ferdinand Xhaferi, Democratic Party deputy] For many years Kosovo political class proved that it possess capacity for state - building. In comparison to other parts of the territories inhabited with Albanian's, Kosovans were always able to conduct free, fair and un-contested elections. From this perspective I see the Kosovo politicians capacity for state - building and in this context adoption of the constitution is another dimension that strengthens this process and which enables gradual transfer of competencies to Kosovans and Kosovo government.

[Reporter] Constitution, as seen by Tirana, will create a space for implementation of the legislation and for meaningful establishment of the rule of the law.

[Spartak Ngjela, independent deputy] In these moments Kosovo is preparing and signing the highest noble act of the society and is establishing it's state via signature and declaration of a social contract. It is significant historic act of equal importance as the declaration of independence.

[Reporter] Albanian politicians are of opinion that the basic law of the Kosovo Republic, beside internal stability, will have a positive impact in the region as well, but also in the relations with particular neighbouring countries. It will also speed up the process of recognition of the independence by other countries.

[Lejla Pernaska, Democratic Party deputy] There is no doubt that recent developments and preparedness of all Kosovo authorities is significant milestone for future developments and the process of recognition.

[Petro Koqi, Socialist Party deputy] The process recognition of the Kosovo independence by other states will continue and, therefore, I don't believe that it is a concern for Kosovo or for the regional politics anymore. It is a safe process.

[Reporter] Official Tirana believes that entrance into force of the Kosovo constitution will have a positive impact on the economy as well, in particular in foreign direct investments.

Originally published by RTK TV, Pristina, in Albanian 1800 14 Jun 08.

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