July 6, 2008

Pakistan Has Evidence of Scientist’s Involvement in Proliferation – Official

Excerpt from report by official news agency Associated Press of Pakistan (APP)

Islamabad, 5 July: Director General Strategic Plans Division, Lt. Gen. (r) Khalid Qudwai Saturday [5 July] said all the evidences are available about Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan's involvement in nuclear proliferation and provision of nuclear technology information and material to North Korea, Libya and Iran.

"All the evidence about Dr Qadeer Khan's involvement in proliferation is available and can be revealed before a committee comprising the Superior Judiciary and members of the Parliament," Qudwai told senior mediaperson at a briefing.

"As this matter is highly sensitive, it cannot be made public and the government can only reveal the evidence at an 'in camera' briefing to a selected committee," he added.

Commenting on the situation emerging after Dr Khan's interview to foreign media, Qudwai termed the claims of Dr Khan as baseless and concocted and said, it was an endeavour to involve President Musharraf and the army in this issue and internationally defame country's repute.

He said Dr Khan's statements have encouraged those forces which are already trying to drag Pakistan into the nuclear proliferation issue. "Dr Khan had no other contribution in making of atom bomb other than uranium enrichment and Pakistan has always demonstrated complete responsibility on the issue of nuclear proliferation."

He said this interview of Dr Khan is in violation of his conditional apology tendered to the nation. The draft of apology cannot be made public at this juncture and the government is not considering a review of the apology granted to him.

He said the matter is subjudice and the government would abide by any decision of the court. Dr Khan is neither under house arrest nor is he under detention. He was provided security due to certain reasons and he is availing all the facilities.

Qudwai described the allegation of forced signature on the apology draft as unfortunate and said, Dr. Khan's family was never frightened and it was accorded all the respect.

He said no deal had been made with Dr Khan rather he himself sought conditional apology from the nation and had assured that he would not talk about the matters pertaining to national security.

Originally published by Associated Press of Pakistan news agency, Islamabad, in English 1704 05 Jul 08.

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