July 7, 2008

Embassy Bombing is Pakistan Intelligence Threat to Indian Diplomats, Says Afghan MP

Excerpt from report by privately-owned Afghan Ariana TV on 7 July

[Presenter] Some Afghan experts believe that the Pakistani ISI has masterminded today's suicide attack in front of Indian embassy in Kabul. They believe it is a plot by Pakistani ISI to damage relations between the two countries. They say that the ISI is concerned about good relations between the two countries and India's influence in Afghanistan. Therefore, the ISI is trying to paint a horrible picture of the situation in Afghanistan in the minds of Indian diplomats. Meanwhile, Afghan President Hamed Karzai, the upper house of parliament and [the main opposition group] the National Front have called the terrorist attack a big crime and condemned it. My colleague Abdol Wakil Naibi has a report on this:

[Reporter] Afghanistan Interior Ministry says that Indian embassy in Kabul has been the main target of the suicide bomber. Some Afghan experts believe that Pakistani intelligence service masterminded today's attack on Indian embassy.

[Mir Ahmad Joyanda, the MP from Kabul] The main purpose of such attacks is to discourage the current presence of the Indian government in Afghanistan. This is in fact a threat to Indian diplomats and other Indians working in Afghanistan. Also, the ISI is not happy with the possible plans of the new government of Pakistan to boost relations with India. There is no doubt that Pakistan's ISI was involved in this. Unfortunately, the vulnerable people of Afghanistan are victims of the wars between other powers and countries.

[Reporter] Mir Ahmad Joyanda believes that the Pakistani ISI is trying to damage relations between the newly-elected government of Pakistan and India. According to him, the new government of Pakistan is willing to extend relations with India but the ISI opposes this policy.

[Passage omitted: known details]

India is one of the main donors of reconstruction in Afghanistan. Over the last few years, several Indian engineers and workers have been killed or kidnapped by anti-government elements in Afghanistan.

Originally published by Ariana TV, Kabul, in Dari 1530 7 Jul 08.

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