August 6, 2008

Iranian Al-Alam TV’s “With the Event” Programme on Mauritania

Today's episode of "With the Event" programme discussed the military coup in Mauritania. The programme hosted today an expert in Maghreban affairs, Sadek Bouguetaya, a Mauritanian writer from Damascus, Ould Maaloum; and a Mauritanian MP, Jamil Ould Mansour. The Mauritanian writer Ould Maaloum recalled the political background in Mauritania and said that the deposed president was the victim of a plot and recalled that he was constitutionally elected.

Bouguetaya said that the deposed president did not exceed his constitutional powers as his post of president empowered him to change the military staff.

MP Jamil Ould Mansour said: "I do not believe that the political forces in Mauritania approve this coup d'etat". He added: "We consider that the coup was not justified".

Ould Maaloum said that the majority of what he called the elite in Mauritania did not agree with the coup. Bouguetaya said he was against military coups to overthrow legitimate governments that are elected by the people. Ould Maaloum said that it was the president who promoted the generals who carried out the coup against him. No further processing planned.

Originally published by Al-Alam TV, Tehran, in Arabic 1730 6 Aug 08.

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