August 17, 2008

Pakistani Leader Gets Ultimatum

A top ruling party official on Saturday gave Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf a two-day deadline to quit or face impeachment proceedings.

"Musharraf is running out of time," Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi told reporters. "If he fails to decide to quit within the next two days, the impeachment process will take its course."

Qureshi is a member of the Pakistan People's Party, the dominant group in the ruling coalition .

- The Associated Press

official: no quitting

Tariq Azim, a senior member of the main pro-Musharraf party, insisted Saturday the president won't quit.

"President Musharraf is confident about defending himself in the parliament and defeating the charge sheet easily because whatever he did, he did in the interest of the country and for the nation," Azim said. no precedent

The United States has said publicly that the impeachment debate is an internal matter and Pakistan's army, which Musharraf formerly headed, also has remained neutral.

There is no precedent for impeaching a president in Pakistan's turbulent 61-year history.

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