August 20, 2008

Pirates Hijack Malaysian Ship Off Somali Coast

Text of report by privately-owned Somali Shabeelle Media Network website on 20 August

Somali pirates have seized a Somalia-bound Malaysian ship which was hired by Somali businessmen.

The heavily-armed Somali pirates are said to have hijacked the vessel which was carrying a crew of up to 20 Malaysians and Filipinos and diverted it to the northern Somali coast.

Since there is no information on the fate of the vessel or the crew on board, the company that owns the ship which is headquartered in Malaysia believes the ship has been hijacked.

This is not the first incident involving Somali pirates that have hijacked ships destined for Somalia. This incident comes at a time when there are foreign warships from foreign countries that have been mandated by the UN Security Council to fight pirates in Somali waters.

Originally published by Shabeelle Media Network website, Mogadishu, in Somali 20 Aug 08.

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