September 15, 2008

IAEA Report Confirms Peaceful Nature of Iran’s Nuclear Activities – Envoy

Text of report by Iranian conservative, privately-owned Fars News Agency website

Iran's envoy to the International Atomic Energy Agency [IAEA] [Ali Asghar Soltaniyeh] has said: The IAEA director-general's report on Iran has once again confirmed the peaceful nature of Iran's [nuclear] activities.

Speaking to Fars, Soltaniyeh offered his analysis of IAEA Director-General Muhammad Al-Baradi'i's report on Iran's nuclear activities and said: In this report, the director-general has announced to the world community that the IAEA is still able to continue its verification activities in Iran freely and it has inspected all of the nuclear material. It also states that after various inspections, there is no evidence showing that Iran's nuclear activities have been deviated toward a military programme.

He added: This report has outlined the latest situation regarding Iran's nuclear activities such as uranium enrichment and uranium conversion activities in Esfahan. It has clearly stated that these activities are being carried out under the complete supervision of the IAEA and there are no reprocessing activities being carried out in Iran.

Soltaniyeh went on to say: As far as the alleged activities and America's baseless allegations are concerned, as the report has stated, Iran has announced that even though the IAEA didn't hand over the necessary documents due to political pressure and interference by America, it [Iran] presented a 117 page document during meetings with IAEA experts in a bid to demonstrate its goodwill and in order to show that these [US] claims are baseless and unfounded.

The Iranian envoy said that the IAEA has voiced regret over America's interference and the obstacles created in regards to the hand over of the documents, and has confessed that these documents were fake.

He added: The important point is that Iran has fully cooperated in line with the modality and within the framework which it reached an agreement on with the IAEA. Fortunately, as Mr Al-Baradi'i has announced before, the six outstanding issues have been resolved. In practice the modality has been fully implemented and the safeguards has to become a routine issue.

Soltaniyeh stressed: It's obvious that any expectations beyond the modality and Iran's safeguards commitments are unacceptable. At the same time, Iran will continue its cooperation with the IAEA within the framework of its legal obligations.

Asked about whether there was a possibility that a resolution would be issued against Iran by the IAEA Board of Governors or the UN Security Council, the official said: This report shows that Iran will continue its cooperation in regards to its routine activities. Obviously, such action will have a negative impact on the existing atmosphere.

Originally published by Fars News Agency website, Tehran, in Persian 1252 15 Sep 08.

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