September 22, 2008

Iran MP Says IAEA Alleged Studies “Misleading”

Text of report in English by Iranian official government news agency IRNA website

Tehran, 22 September: An Iranian lawmaker said Monday [22 September] that alleged studies [of the International Atomic Energy Agency] were a misleading issue both in form and content.

"Based on agreement reached within framework of the modality plan, Iran and the IAEA agreed that Tehran would answer their (the IAEA officials') doubts which were raised in the form of a question package and the country did so. A plan, the modality plan, was hence compiled to remove barriers and put an end to legal aspect of dispute over Iran's nuclear case," said Rapporteur of Majlis National Security and Foreign Policy Commission Kazem Jalali in an interview with IRNA here on Monday.

He said the plan went in effect in five months and Iran too answered all the IAEA questions but despite its full cooperation with the Agency to make its nuclear activities transparent, the country's issue is still on the UN Security Council's agenda.

Formally speaking, the alleged studies are questioned because Americans are not ready to offer documents and receive logical response instead, he added.

Jalali said the documents are not logical and serious and the alleged studies are only pretext to keep Iran's nuclear case not closed.

He said the US fears that if it it becomes clear that Iran's nuclear case has been open under the US pressure and baseless ambiguities, all other activities of the US too will be invalid.

Originally published by Islamic Republic News Agency website, Tehran, in English 1445 22 Sep 08.

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