September 24, 2008

NAM Backs Iran’s Peaceful Nuclear Activities

Text of report in English by Iranian official government news agency IRNA website

Tehran, 24 Sept: Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) has issued a statement on Wednesday to support Iran's peaceful nuclear programme.

The statement was read during IAEA Board of Governors session in Vienna on Wednesday.

The statement also referred to previous statements issued in Malaysia, Cuba and Tehran verifying no-diversion of Iran's peaceful nuclear programme as confirmed by IAEA Director General Mohamed al- Baradi'i.

The statement underlined that making use of peaceful nuclear energy is among legitimate rights of all countries and no one is allowed to create obstacle to this end.

The statement also referred to IAEA as the only authorized body for making comments on such issues and called for avoidance of any pressure that might harm credibility of IAEA.

NAM has already welcomed Iran's continued cooperation with IAEA on voluntary basis and for confidence building.

The statement also referred to the document issued by IAEA under reference number 'INFCIRC/711' which verified Iran's compliance with NPT.

The NAM members also called on the Zionist regime to swiftly join NPT without any preconditions and open up its nuclear facilities to IAEA inspectors.

All issues pertaining to IAEA safeguard agreements or verification such as those relating to Iran should be resolved within IAEA and based on technical and legal affairs, underlined the statement.

The statement also called for settlement of Iran's nuclear standoff through peaceful means, adding that negotiations without any pre-condition are the only way to resolve the issue.

The statement voices Iran's inclination to resume talks on various regional and global issues such as nuclear issues with NAM members.

Originally published by Islamic Republic News Agency website, Tehran, in English 1550 24 Sep 08.

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