September 24, 2008

Pakistan Claims Drone Wreckage Found

Pakistani officials said Wednesday they have found the wreckage of a downed U.S. drone inside the country, but U.S. officials denied the report.

Pakistani security forces said the wreckage was found Tuesday night at a village in the border region of South Waziristan, a northwestern tribal area known as a staging area for al-Qaida and Taliban attacks inside neighboring Afghanistan, CNN reported.

U.S. officials disputed the drone report, however.

"We have had queries both yesterday and today about what you're talking about, but we have no reports of a downed plane," military spokesman Capt. Scott Miller told the broadcaster.

The issue of U.S. drones entering Pakistan to target militants is a contentious one in Islamabad where it is seen as a challenge to the nation's sovereignty. Feelings were inflamed this month when the U.S. military sent ground forces into South Waziristan without Islamabad's permission, CNN reported.