October 17, 2008

Hyundai Launches Genesis Coupe in Korea

Automobile manufacturer Hyundai Motor has launched its Genesis Coupe for the South Korean market.

The company said that the Genesis Coupe is powered by two engines. The top-end engine will be an all-aluminum DOHC 3.8liter V6 Lambda RS which produces 310HP with premium fuel and 306HP with regular fuel.

The base unit is a two-liter turbocharged Theta engine which produces 223HP with premium fuel and 210HP with regular fuel.

Hyundai hopes to sell 40,000 Genesis Coupes annually, 5,000 in Korea and 35,000 in overseas markets. Korean retail prices start at KRW23.2 million for the base version and with full options, including the V6 Lamda RS engine, the Coupe tops out at KRW33.92 million.