October 23, 2008

Swedish Zoo Loses Rare White Tigress

A rare white tigress being held at the Parken Zoo in the Swedish city of Eskilstuna has died from injuries it received from its mate, a zoo official says.

Parken Zoo director Helena Olsson said Sasha the white tigress was attacked by her mate, Brahma, this week and suffered fatal wounds to the neck, the Swedish news agency TT reported Thursday.

"It's really, really sad, but these sorts of things can happen with wild animals," Olsson said of Wednesday's attack.

Brahma's attack on Sasha was the second such incident during the last six months after the tiger left the tigress in critical condition in April after repeatedly biting its mate's neck.

The most recent attack came after zoo officials finally reunited the animals after separating them for months as a precaution.

Olsson told TT it was still unclear if Brahma would be shipped off to another zoo as a result of the attack.

"It's too early to say. But we feel that condemning an animal to isolation and solitude for the rest of its life isn't an option; we don't want to do that," Olsson said.