November 3, 2008

Aid Worker Kidnapped in Afghanistan

A French aid worker was kidnapped and two people who tried to help him were shot to death in Kabul, Afghanistan, Monday, authorities said.

The kidnapping of Dany Ereteau appeared to be the latest in a string of abductions by criminal gangs.

Egreteau, 32, was being driven to a meeting at the education ministry when his car was stopped by a group of armed men, the Times of London reported.

An Afghan intelligence officer and a local man who tried to prevent the kidnapping were reportedly shot to death.

Witnesses said a female aid worker and the driver of the car managed to escape.

The abduction was the latest in a spate of security incidents affecting foreign nationals in Kabul, the Times said.

Last month, a British aid worker was shot to death by Taliban militants who accused her of Christian missionary work. Less than a week later, two employees of freight company DHL were killed by a bodyguard hired to protect them.


Image Caption: Women of Afghanistan stand outside the U.S. Embassy in Kabul, Wednesday, March 1, 2006. President George W. Bush and Laura Bush made a surprise visit to the city and presided over a ceremonial ribbon-cutting at the embassy. Courtesy The White House