July 1, 2005

Bomb wounds woman at beach resort south of Beirut

BEIRUT (Reuters) - A woman was seriously injured on Fridaywhen an explosion ripped through her car at a beach resortsouth of Beirut, security sources said.

They said the woman, Abeer Harb, had no politicalaffiliations and the attack appeared to be motivated bypersonal and family problems.

The bomb exploded when Harb tried to get into the car inthe parking lot of the Lebanon Beach resort on the Khaldecoastal strip. She was taken to hospital in a seriouscondition.

"We were on the beach. We heard a loud sound but didn'tthink it was a bomb at first. We rushed over and found peopletaking her away," said eyewitness Hussein Salameh.

Lebanon has witnessed a series of assassinations andbombings in recent months, which opponents of Syria have blamedon the Lebanese security services it backs.

The latest blast comes as Lebanon's new Prime MinisterFouad Siniora begins the difficult task of forming a governmentthat can win the approval his anti-Syrian friends in parliamentas well as powerful allies of Damascus.