July 2, 2005

Four dead in train blast in eastern Turkey

TUNCELI, Turkey (Reuters) - Four people were killed andseven injured on Saturday when a bomb exploded on a train ineastern Turkey, military officials said.

The four dead and three of those injured were soldierstraveling on the train in Bingol province between the easterntowns of Elazig and Tatvan when the blast occurred around 10a.m. (0700 GMT).

One official said the blast was caused by C-4 plasticexplosives laid on the track and triggered by remote control. Amilitary operation was launched to capture those responsible.

The blast toppled carriages, and work had begun to rescuepeople trapped inside, the official said.

It was not clear who planted the explosives but Kurdishseparatist rebels, far-leftist militants and Islamist radicalshave all staged bomb attacks in Turkey in the past.