February 13, 2009

Canada’s governor general muffs geography

Canadian Governor General Michaelle Jean's geography lesson for Ottawa school children was highlighted by her mistakenly naming a mountain range.

The British queen's representative was hosting the lesson at her official residence Thursday, one year to the day before the Olympic Winter Games begin in and around Vancouver, British Columbia.

Pointing to a projected map of the province, Jean referred to the mountain range nearest Vancouver as the Rocky Mountains. In the televised event, newly appointed Sen. Nancy Greene, a British Columbia native and past Olympic ski champion, corrected her, the Globe and Mail reported.

No, it's the Coast Mountains, Greene said.

Jean laughed and told the children it was a prime example of education.

We never stop learning, she said. I have learned something today and I truly appreciate that Sen. Nancy Greene took the time to point this out to me and to the children who were at Rideau Hall.

British Columbia's seven mountain ranges include the Coast Mountains, Rockies, Purcell, Selkirk, Cariboo, Monashee and Cascade ranges.