March 7, 2009

India films set for global expansion

India's movie industry is poised to take advantage of the success of Slumdog Millionaire and expand globally, experts say.

Amit Khanna, chairman of India's Reliance Big Entertainment film group, said India's so-called Bollywood could soon be a global cinematic power by developing links with Hollywood, which has its eyes on India's potential, The Washington Post reported Saturday.

There is a natural synergy between the film industries in India and the United States. India is a democracy, has a massive movie-going market and an open entertainment policy with no government restriction, Khanna said.

Khanna's company has taken steps toward global expansion by signing a six-year deal with DreamWorks SKG that will include 36 movies.

BoxOfficeGuru.com editor Gitesh Pandya agreed that U.S. studios will likely soon have increased ties to India, the Post said.

American companies are now looking at making local movies for the Indian market, Pandya said. They want to get into India with local products.