June 20, 2009

Police ready for Stonehenge convergence

Police in the British county of Wiltshire say they are prepared for a large convergence of people on the Stonehenge archaeological site for the summer solstice.

Andy Marsh, a Wiltshire police assistant chief constable, told The Guardian the this weekend's celebrations at Stonehenge would be treated routinely though more than 30,000 people were expected.

The celebrations will be policed the same as any other public event, Marsh said. "We want those attending to have a safe and enjoyable time but within the law.

The public have a right to expect that our planning takes account of the likely increased numbers and also that we will use public resources efficiently making best use of the latest technology.

Marsh told the British newspaper police would not tolerate the presence of illegal drugs at Stonehenge and urged visitors to avoid orchestrating free festivals or raves.