July 12, 2005

Coffee-maker bomb hits Italian center in Barcelona

MADRID (Reuters) - A coffee-maker packed with explosives
blew up in the doorway of the Italian Culture Institute in
Barcelona on Tuesday, slightly wounding a policeman, police

"The police were warned of a suspicious-looking
coffee-maker in the doorway of the Italian Institute in
Barcelona ... When police were investigating the device, it
exploded, injuring the policeman and killing a sniffer dog," a
police spokesman in Madrid said.

The Italian Foreign Ministry confirmed a homemade bomb had
been the cause of the explosion.

"This morning, the staff of the Italian Cultural Institute
in Barcelona found on the steps leading to their building what
appeared to be a rudimentary explosive device," it said in a

Radio reports said police were investigating the
possibility that an Italian anarchist group could be behind the

(Additional reporting by Crispian Balmer in Rome)