July 12, 2005

Four explosions near Spanish power station-police

MADRID (Reuters) - Four explosions struck near a power
station in Spain's northern Basque country on Tuesday after a
warning call in the name of Basque separatist guerrillas ETA,
police said.

State radio said there were no injuries.

A caller to a Basque newspaper had warned earlier that four
bombs would explode near the power station at Amorebieta, in
the Basque country, police said.

The warning, about half an hour before the explosions, gave
police time to clear the area.

There was no immediate word of any damage to the power
station, which, according to press reports, is still undergoing
testing before going into service.

ETA staged a series of bombings on electricity lines last
summer in an apparent attempt to disrupt Spain's

ETA, classed as a terrorist group by the United States and
European Union, has killed nearly 850 people since 1968 in a
bombing and shooting campaign for an independent Basque state
in northern Spain and southwestern France.