August 18, 2009

Ukraine Accuses Russia Of Polluting Black Sea

According to news agency Interfax, the Ukraine is claiming that Russian ships stationed at Sevastopol are polluting the Black Sea.

The protest note sent from Kiev to the Russian Federation is another example of growing tensions between Moscow and the Ukraine.

According to the Ukrainian foreign affairs ministry, Russian vessels contaminated the bay of Sevastopol with oil at the end of July.

The agreement between the nations should allow Ukrainian authorities to enter the area to access the damage, but Russia has not allowed it, says deputy foreign affairs minister Yury Kostenko.

Ukraine has asked Moscow to resolve the problem.

The nation has sent 14 protest notes concerning the Russian fleet since the beginning of the year.

Russia has control of the base at Sevastopol until 2017.  Ukrainian officials are asking the fleet to leave as soon as the lease on the base expires.

The dispute over the fleet is one of many disputes causing tensions between the two nations.

Russia is unhappy about the Ukraine's desire to join the NATO military alliance, and the nations have been in disagreement over the price of gas sold to Kiev by Moscow.

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has also accused Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko of pursuing "anti-Russian" policies, which Yushchenko has denied.

Image Courtesy  Vyacheslav Stepanyuchenko - Wikipedia