October 20, 2009

UK Survey Finds Condoms As Popular As The Pill

The condom is now as popular as the pill for UK women, newest figures say.

25% of the 1,093 women surveyed preferred condoms, the same amount that chose the birth control pill.

Experts are happy about the figures as condoms fight off sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy. About half of those who use condoms refer to their desire to not contract STIs as their reason for use.

50% of the 2,557 people questioned in the United Kingdom said TV programs and commercials had informed them about STIs.

More than half the men questioned were not involved in a long-term relationship, but had been sexually active in the last year, and said details on HIV and other diseases did not effect their choices.

75% of the females were actively using contraception, with younger women taking the pill or using male condoms, and older women relied on sterilization or a vasectomy.

The majority of the women questioned had heard of the "morning after pill."

Natika Halil of the Family Planning Association said to BBC News: "It is encouraging to see that access to information about contraception and contraceptive services is improving. Whilst women are using very safe and reliable methods of contraception such as the condom and the pill, there are 15 methods of contraception available. Women should be able to access all of them in equal measure."

Victoria Sheard of the Terrence Higgins Trust added that: "An increase in condom use is very good news as they offer double protection - against sexually transmitted infections as well as unwanted pregnancy. People should be aware of the rising rates of STIs when making a decision about contraception - ditching the condoms could leave you and potentially your partner at risk."