December 10, 2009

Nemo H2 Taking To Amsterdam’s Canals

The "Nemo H2," which can transport up to 87 people, is a unique boat specially designed to run on a fuel cell engine, where hydrogen and oxygen combine to generate electricity and water, without creating carbon monoxide.

"That's important in a city like Amsterdam with over 125 canal trips per day," project manager Alexander Overdiep said to Reuters News.

A boat trip circling Amsterdam's canals is a tourism moneymaker for the Dutch capital.

Tourists can now take a 'CO2 Zero Canal Cruise', for an additional 50 cents, which will fund additional research into carbon-cutting knowledge, added Freek Vermeulen, managing executive of Lovers Boat Company.

The innovative boat was twice as expensive to construct than a regular diesel canal boat, and has to break at a hydrogen dispensing station for a refill daily, while regular boats require a small amount of gas once a week.

Still, developers of the plan, which the Dutch government partly paid for, said expenses would decrease as more boats were built and tested, and if an additional hydrogen division infrastructure materialized.