January 26, 2010

Dog, Cat Meat May Be Off The Menu In China

The Chongqing Evening News said that if the law was passed, people that eat either of the domesticated animals, both of which are viewed as promoting bodily warmth, could face fines of $730 and up to 15 days in jail.

The report said that organizations involved in the practice would be fined anywhere from $1,500 to $70,000.

The law has been stuck in the drafting stages for the last year, and the report did not make it clear whether or not the legislation was expected to become law.

China's legislation meets in March, but draft legislation can sometimes take years before becoming law.

The raising of cats and dogs for meat is still popular in China, despite growing consciousness over animal welfare.

The term "fragrant meat" can be seen throughout the country as a euphemism for dog.  The fondness for dogs as pets co-exists with a taste for canine meat in China.

Southern China is most popular for cat meat, and there are regular reports of animal lovers attempting to block trucks from carrying hundreds to thousands of cats to meat markets and eventually dinner tables.