Young Chinese Using Mobile Internet More And More

April 27, 2010

According to a survey by a government linked-body, most young Chinese use mobile phones to access the Internet as they are cheaper and easier to obtain than desktop computers.

The poll revealed that about three-quarters of China’s 195 million web users under 25 surfed the Internet using a mobile in 2009, which is up 50 percent from a year ago.

According to the poll by the China Internet Network Information Center, the finding marked the first time that mobile phones emerged as the top platform for web use among China’s youth.

The poll, which was released on Monday, offers further evidence of the importance of the growing mobile Internet market in China, which has the world’s largest number of mobile phone subscribers at over 765 million, according to government figures.

About 70 percent of young Internet users use desktops, implying that a majority of web-savvy young are using both methods to get online.

The center said more young people in the countryside had opted for mobile Internet than their urban counterparts, as the handheld device “provided youths in areas where computers are hard to get with an alternative.”

The center said that young Chinese primarily use the Internet to listen to music, play games and watch video clips.

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