September 2, 2010

Hottest Summer On Record For Japan

The Japan Meteorological Agency said Wednesday that the country has had its hottest summer on record since records began in 1898.

The record heat wave sent thousands of people to the hospital suffering heatstroke.

The average temperature nationwide between June and August was 1.64 degrees Celsius above average for the period, according to experts. The previous record summer heat was in 1994, with average temperatures 1.36 degrees C above normal.

The agency did not say what the average temperature was, but Tokyo's summertime temperatures averaged 80.8 degrees Fahrenheit.

Temperatures often hit 95 degrees and hotter in August in many areas of the country, the agency said.

The scorching summer heat led to 132 deaths and more than 30,000 people being hospitalized for heatstroke, the Japanese government said in mid-August.

"It can be said that weather was abnormal in this summer," Shuhei Maeda, an agency official, told a news conference. "The temperature is forecast to exceed 35 degrees centigrade (95 degrees F) in many places for a week to come."


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