February 28, 2011

China Claims Population Of 1.34 Billion

China said on Monday that its population increased by 6.3 million last year to hit 1.341 billion people by the end of 2010. This is roughly equal to the population of the city of Rio de Janeiro.

Although an early estimate, final counts will be published in April when the Chinese government finishes tabulating data from the nation's first full census in a decade, AFP reports.

China claims its "one-child" policy, introduced to curb China's population growth rate, limiting most families in towns and cities to just one child. It has proved the most effective population control measure so far adopted, having averted 400 million births since its imposition in 1980.

China's first full census in 1954 counted a population of 594 million. China's last full census in 2000 calculated 1.295 billion.