August 8, 2005

Ousted Mauritania president vows to return home

DUBAI (Reuters) - Mauritania's ousted President Maaouya
Ould Sid'Ahmed Taya vowed on Monday to return to his country
despite being deposed by a military coup last week.

"As president, I order officers and soldiers of the armed
forces and security forces to put an end to this criminal act
so that the situation returns to normal," Taya said in remarks
broadcast by Arabic satellite television Al Arabiya.

"I will return home, God willing, so that we can together
continue the path for a better tomorrow," he said, reading from
a statement.

Taya, who had ruled Mauritania since 1984, was overthrown
in a bloodless coup by a group of army officers on Wednesday
while he was out of the country.

A military junta has taken power and vowed to hold
presidential polls within two years in the West African

"I see it as my duty to alert all citizens to the danger of
the situation with respect to the country's present and
future," said Taya, who was dressed in a gray suit. He said he
would call for an emergency session of parliament when he

People in Mauritania have been celebrating the end of
Taya's government which had been seen as corrupt and