August 15, 2005

Blast on small bus observer airport in Egypt-source

CAIRO (Reuters) - A small bus in an airport which is used
by the multinational observation force in Sinai exploded on
Monday and initial reports indicated there were dead and
injured, an Egyptian security source said.

"A microbus inside the airport exploded," the security
official in North Sinai said. He said he did not know the
reason for the blast.

The source said the blast occurred at an airport at El
Gorah, a camp in the North of Sinai which is used by
Multinational Force and Observers (MFO).

The MFO was set up to supervise the implementation of the
security provisions of the Egyptian-Israeli peace treaty.

An MFO official had no immediate comment. Egypt's Interior
Ministry also had no immediate comment.

The North Camp at El Gorah, which is about 20 km (13 miles)
south of Sinai's Mediterranean coast, is the MFO's largest
installation and site of the force commander's headquarters,
the MFO's Web site said.