August 19, 2005

Voice recorder of Cypriot airliner found-Greek TV

ATHENS (Reuters) - Searchers have found the cockpit voice
recorder of a crashed Cypriot airliner in which 121 people
died, Greece's state-run television reported.

The outer casing of the recorder and the plane's other
so-called "black box," which records flight data, had already
been found after last Sunday's crash near Athens of a Helios
Airways Boeing 737 on a flight from Larnaca in Cyprus to Prague
with a stop in Athens.

"The second black box voice recorder has been found near
the wreckage of the tail section of the plane," the report

Investigators want to listen to the recorder's monitoring
of cockpit conversations to shed light on why both the pilot
and co-pilot, as well as many passengers, appear to have lost
consciousness during what was meant to be only a 90-minute