September 4, 2005

East China braces for new storm after deadly Talim

BEIJING (Reuters) - China's eastern province of Zhejiang is
bracing for more storms triggered by typhoon Nabi after another
tropical storm battered the area and killed at least 56 people,
state media said on Sunday.

Strong winds and rainstorms, fueled by typhoon Nabi
churning toward Japan on Sunday, were expected to ravage
coastal areas of northern and central Zhejiang early this week,
prompting local authorities to urge efforts to minimize the

The impact from Typhoon Nabi -- Korean for "butterfly" --
would be felt just days after Typhoon Talim battered China's
east coast, triggering torrential rains and floods and killing
at least 56 people, according to Chinese media.

Typhoon Talim, which weakened into a tropical storm on
Friday, claimed at least 14 lives in Zhejiang's Wenzhou City.
Nine more people had been reported missing in Zhejiang, where
some 2.2 million people across 18 counties had been affected,
Xinhua said.

It estimated the economic damage caused by typhoon Talim in
four eastern provinces was about 7.1 billion yuan.

The Beijing News said that some 56 people were killed in
typhoon Talim. Xinhua put the total death toll at 43, with 27
missing, in the provinces of Zhejiang, Anhui and Fujian.

No comment was immediately available from the Ministry of
Civil Affairs or the National Meteorological Center.

Chinese authorities had evacuated hundreds of thousands of
people from their homes as they braced for the typhoon.

Typhoons are common in Taiwan, Japan, the Philippines, Hong
Kong and southern China during storm season, that lasts from
early summer to late autumn.

Typhoon Nabi has weakened and lost its super-typhoon status
by Saturday, but the storm remained strong enough to threaten
Japan's main islands.

It is likely to be closest to Kyushu on Tuesday morning,
threatening a wide swathe of western Japan with strong winds
and heavy rain.