September 9, 2005

Explosions in Karachi’s KFC, McDonald’s injure two

KARACHI (Reuters) - Two bombs exploded within minutes of
each other at two international fast food franchises in
Pakistan's southern city of Karachi late on Thursday, injuring
at least two people, police said.

The first blast occurred at the mezzanine floor of a KFC
franchise in the city's upscale Defense area, injuring at least
two people and damaging three cars, police said. The blast also
inflicted a considerable damage to the franchise.

Minutes later, another explosion hit outside a McDonald's
outlet, a franchise of the U.S. restaurant chain, in the same
neighbourhood, but caused no injuries.

Karachi police chief Tariq Jameel said the devices used in
both the incidents were locally made.

The blasts came ahead of a strike call made by the
country's opposition parties, who are urging President Pervez
Musharraf to step down.

Earlier this year, six KFC employees were killed when their
restaurant was burned down in riots following a suicide attack
on a Shi'ite mosque.