September 22, 2005

Pakistan’s Lahore on alert after blasts kill five

LAHORE, Pakistan (Reuters) - Two bomb blasts within hours
of each other on Thursday in Pakistan's eastern city of Lahore
killed at least five people and wounded 26, police said.

Security forces in the city were put on high alert after
the attacks and police patrols in busy neighborhoods and
shopping malls increased.

"The two blasts look quite similar to each other, and we
fear that there may be more blasts," Senior Superintendent of
Police Chaudhry Shafqaat Ahmad said.

In the first incident, a street vendor was killed and eight
other people standing at a bus stop were wounded when a bomb
fitted to a bicycle exploded near the Minar-e-Pakistan (Tower
of Pakistan) monument in the city, police said.

Hours later, another blast killed at least four people and
wounded 18 in a busy commercial district of central Lahore.

No one had claimed responsibility for the blasts.

Pakistan has suffered a series of terrorist attacks linked
to both militants angry with the government for siding with the
U.S.-led war on terrorism since late 2001, and those involved
in sectarian violence between the country's Sunni and Shi'ite

On Wednesday, two people were wounded in two blasts in
Kalat city, come 150 km (94 miles) northeast of Quetta, the
capital of Baluchistan province.

Police said time-controlled devices were used. Nobody has
claimed responsibility for those attacks either.