September 23, 2005

London bomb suspect appears in court

LONDON (Reuters) - An Ethiopian-born Briton appeared in
court on Friday charged with attempted murder and possessing
explosives as part of the botched attacks by four would-be
bombers on the London transport system on July 21.

Hussein Osman, also known as Hamdi Issac, was flown from
Italy on Thursday with British police officers to a Royal Air
Force base at Northolt in west London after failing to have his
extradition blocked.

Security was tight around the maximum security court in
south east London. All cars were searched and there was
rigorous screening of people entering the building. Osman, 27,
was brought to court in a van flanked by two other police

He was wearing a light blue shirt. He was charged with
seven offences, including attempted murder, conspiracy to
commit murder, explosive offences and preparation or
instigation of an act of terrorism.

He was remanded in custody until December 8 and no
application for bail was made.

The July 21 attacks killed no one but brought chaos to the
capital, mimicking attacks two weeks earlier by four British
Muslim suicide bombers who killed 52 people on three
underground trains and a bus.

British police accuse Osman and three others -- Ibrahim
Muktar Said, Ramzi Mohammed and Yassin Hassan Omar -- of trying
to set off bombs on three underground trains and a bus. The
police say the devices failed to detonate.

Osman was captured in Rome a week after the failed attacks
and is accused of trying to blow up a train at Shepherd's Bush
in west London.

Said, Mohammed and Omar were arrested in Britain and have
been charged with attempted murder, conspiracy to murder and
explosive offences.

Osman's Italian lawyers had fought his extradition from
Italy, arguing they had not received proof a crime had been