October 3, 2005

China evacuates 13,000 from rising flood waters

BEIJING (Reuters) - Authorities have evacuated about 13,000
people from a flood hit region of central China along the banks
of a tributary of the Yangtze River, the official Xinhua news
agency said.

More heavy rain is expected to fall in the next two days in
the province of Hubei and the local government is on alert for
further flooding along the Hanjiang River, Xinhua said in an
overnight report seen on Tuesday.

"The flood is still under control though it seems still
severe," Cai Qihua, deputy director of the Yangtze flood
control headquarters, was quoted as saying.

There was no mention of any casualties.

State radio said on Monday that 67 Chinese military
students were missing after torrential rain from a typhoon
rushed down a hillside and swept away their school buildings in
the southeastern Chinese city of Fuzhou.

Typhoon Longwang, which raged across Taiwan on the weekend
before moving on to China's adjacent Fujian province, also
destroyed 5,400 residences and caused economic damage of around
1.2 billion yuan.

Xinhua said 537,000 people had been evacuated to protect
them from the typhoon, the 19th to hit China this year.