October 15, 2005

Pakistan death toll in earthquake jumps to 38,000

ISLAMABAD (Reuters) - Pakistan raised the official death
toll from the Kashmir earthquake to 38,000 on Saturday and said
it was likely to rise further, putting it on the same massive
scale of destruction as the Quetta earthquake of 1935.

Between 30,000 and 60,000 people are estimated to have died
in the Quetta quake, which almost destroyed the city
completely, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.

Saturday's quake was the strongest to hit South Asia in a
century at 7.6 magnitude and compared to the 2003 earthquake in
Bam, Iran, in which 31,000 people were killed.

Pakistan military spokesman Shaukat Sultan said they had
decided to raise the toll in Pakistani Kashmir and North West
Frontier Province to 38,000 from 25,000 after confirming a
higher death toll from remote mountain valleys and town of

"This number is likely to further rise," Sultan told

Some 1,300 people are confirmed to have died in Indian

The number of injured in Pakistan has also been raised to
62,000 from 51,000, Sultan said.